It is with pleasure that the Administrative Council, the Members and Personnel of the D-Day Commemoration Committee present the new web site. Our aim is to provide a site that is attractive to the general public and is also educational for those who are interested, or even passionate, about the D-Day Landings and the establishment of an Allied bridgehead, which led to the Battle of Normandy and ultimately to the liberation of France and Europe.

The period between 1st and 14th June 1944 is focused on and, in particular, the airborne operations, the landing on the five beaches code named UTAH, OMAHA and GOLD, JUNO and SWORD and the remarkable feat of arms of the US Rangers at LA POINTE DU HOC.

Discover the great events that we read about in the history books but, which were paid for in the lives of young servicemen. Let’s never forget the sacrifice in the pursuit of democracy and the liberation of the enslaved people.

Behind each uniform, every soldier was guided by a sense of duty but, also with the fear of never returning to his homeland.

Many of them now lay for eternity in the soil of Normandy.

Visit the numerous cemeteries in the region and reflect on the sacrifice of these men and women in their quest for liberty.

The genesis of the Committee from its creation to the present day is presented, along with commemorative ceremonies and the role of the Committee in the creation of museums and monuments.

Our objective is to share and transmit the memory of the servicemen of 1944, in order than no one forgets their sacrifice and the high cost that was paid for this liberty.


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