Welcome to our website.

Our aim is to inform the public, whether interested or passionate, about the D-Day Landings in Normandy of 1944 and of the ceremonies organised each year, by our committee and the towns and villages that are members of our association, in order to commemorate D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

We wanted our website to be simultaneously :

Interactive with a map allowing, at a glance, to geolocate all villages and towns registered on our site to obtain the historic facts that took place there and to be informed of the commemorative ceremonies planned in those areas in the near future.

Informative, with an online calendar of the ceremonies due to be held in the D-Day Landing area and information about our Committee and the actions taken since its creation in 1945.

educational for both the general public and enthusiasts. From the preparation of Overlord Operation to the establishment of an Allied bridgehead (1st-14th June) which led to the Battle of Normandy and ultimately to the liberation of France and Europe.

Our ultimate goal is to share and pass on the memory of the servicemen of 1944 so that no one ever forgets their sacrifice and the high cost that was paid for our freedom.

We wish you a pleasant time browsing our website.

Due to our interactive mapping system, visualise instantly the geographical position of villages and towns where historic events took place in June 1944 and/or where commemorative events are planned in the coming weeks.

You just have to click on one of them to have a satellite map of the area appearing on the screen.